Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Lows And Their Non-Existence !

          There are some points in life which are ‘low’ and this is when you wonder "why me?” Sometimes there is a low point followed by another one and this time you wonder “when will the ‘high’ be?” Sometimes you feel that you simply cannot spot a high, now that is being mean to yourself and definitely proclaiming to the world that the highs are an elusive lot and that your perspective towards life is super-defective. Lows make us feel down and out and this is when we get cocooned inside a shell or resolve to deal with them brilliantly. Having tried both, I can vouch for the second option.

          Getting cocooned helps none. You are the one at loss. Nobody likes or appreciates you. Instead you are only pitied upon. Share your woes with someone and will you realize that they have a whole lot of their own! You think it is good to confide in a stranger? Think not twice but ten thousand times before doing so! You are already on the self-damaging path. Your image which is marred only due to a certain low is marred forever if you discuss them in your first ever run-off with a stranger. Sooner will you realize that lows make you undergo highly commendable acts of stupidity! This is so because if you think that the stranger will enlighten you to get over the lows or will pull you out of the deep mess, then you deserve to be there for a little longer. Lows are a part of everybody’s life and there is nothing exceptional about them. Nowhere from the outside will the rescue team arrive. It is all within you!

How to deal with them?

          Forget that you HAD any low in life. Believe that there have been only highs. No, you ain’t bluffing yourself. To rephrase, turn your lows into your highs. If you have the time and patience, sit down and write as many lows you think you have had. Against each one of them write in only a sentence as to why you consider that low a low. Now having done this, in a second column write or try to wrack your brains and then write in only a sentence as to why that low is not a low! What you need for filling up the details in the second column is an open mind and a slightly tweaked perspective. If you go by my word, you will have more things to fill in the second column, just try putting down the best one.
          Forget that you HAVE any low in life. Your life is just as perfect as it could be right now. Smile. Yes, you could have been worse. This definitely does not mean that you stop aiming at the highs. Forgetting that you have any low in life is simply going to make you feel better about your present. Comparing your so-called low with somebody else’s is being mean. Let your imagination come alive if you have to imagine yourself in a worse situation vis-à-vis your current situation, which you so eagerly wish to get over. 

          Aim for little highs. This will only come to your rescue if you firstly believe that there are only highs to aim for. It is easier to get back from the ground as compared to a position which underground. Getting rid of the fact that a low exists, you have already stepped out of the negative zone. Commendable! Now all you have to start from is a zero. It is easy to build on it; brick by brick. A small high followed by another small high, and there you go! A little high over another little one will make an insurmountable high achievable without even you realizing it.