Saturday, October 16, 2010


               I have always wanted to write and people to read (of course my literary creations)! What prevented me from penning for so long was my inability to read my own piece of writing. Joke apart, another reasonable reason for not daring into it was that majority of what I read did not strike my brain cells. To put forth simply it was difficult to read them till the last word!
               I do not doubt anything or anybody and it obviously includes my reading and apprehending skills, my choice of features or books and the wonderful galaxy of writers around. Of course I always thought that if this is how people wrote (read it not-so-simple) and this is how people understood (read it did-not-understand), I better not write. It would surely save the reader’s world from martyrdom that was uncalled for and me from the monstrosity of the unsold and unread copies of my creations!
               During my graduating years, I received a number of letters from family and friends (those were the letter writing times, we were technologically advanced but weren’t savvy enough). I remember a letter sent by my maternal grandfather. It was written using a type-writer. Another arresting thing about it- it was a letter cum CAT-like comprehension passage. Its first read was as good as no read. Two reasons hold good for it, firstly, I was fluttering with joy to have received a letter from him and secondly every third word in the letter was straight from some peculiar dictionary. Though years ago I read that letter innumerable times not only to me but to my hostel mates as well and I am still its proud owner. I respect my late grandpa for his skill and I love him for writing it!
               I have the zest to write and hence it is easy (did I just say easy)! This really sounds promising. Writing about something close to the heart is when the ball in my court but others reading it means my ball isn’t in my court anymore! So, I need to throw the ball well.
               My belief- a literary creation can be considered nice (read it good) if it is read till the end and is remembered (reasons can of course vary- can be good or bad)! I will inform (capability required), persuade (conviction required) and entertain (courage required, read it humor-is-fatal) by what I write. Looking at the sunny side up, I am certain that I have been able to put across the ‘idea’. Yes (doubtlessly), that I will write!

Happy Reading!
Thursday, September 09, 2010


  1. Really gUd u are a gud writer...

    Started late but not to late...

  2. A good beginning to your writing and I hope you restart with it as soon as possible.